If you ever wanted a good time for a low price, Thailand is where you need to go. We recently traveled to Thailand and while we were there we hung out in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Lopburi and a handful of other colorful towns. Our primary motivation for going at this time (November 2015), was because the famous Loi Krathong festival was going off. It’s commonly known to us tourists as the lantern festival. I’ll get into the festival and all of its pyro-glory in another post.

Our first stop in Thailand was a hip little hostel that we found off AirBnB (Our new favorite thing). For about $15/night we had a private room, access to clean and hot showers, full spread continental breakfast and a very helpful manager who will make sure you wander off in the right direction.

Our next stop was up north in Chiang Mai. Here, we stayed with a Thai family for 5ish days. This was probably the most memorable part of the trip. There is something awesome about sharing cultural experiences over great Thai food and even better Thai beer. Our host, Jim, happened to be a Thai cooking instructor as well as a Thai tour guide. We were pretty much set for the rest of our trip.

I’ll be posting more details about our trip as we upload our pictures and organize all of the videos we took. In the meantime, I’ll be grateful that we survived the crazy Thai streets on our moped and have some lifelong memories to share. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted. ♦