We geared up and were ready to go for a day hike to Chantry Flats on Mt Wilson. We were looking forward to seeing the waterfall that supposedly had a lot of water this time of year. The day already started on the wrong foot when what we thought would be a 90 minute drive turned out to be a 2.5 hour drive. There’s so much traffic in Los Angeles! Ugh.

Then when we finally got there, there were SO MANY PEOPLE! Seriously. There were streams of people pouring down the road to and from the trail head. We love to meet new people, but when there are SO many, it feels less adventurous. I was willing to brave the crowd in hopes of seeing the waterfall, but after much time spent looking for a parking space, David suggested we go home and seek a different hike another day.


The lesson we learned today: Do your research! We had planned on hiking this weekend, but we hadn’t decided on where to go. Last night we read a blog that recommended Chantry Flats, and we were sold on the waterfall! What we should have researched were: pictures of the hike, how many people frequent this place, hiking details, and location specifics. If we did our research I think we would have realized that Chantry Flats is a very popular hiking location and we would have chosen a different hiking spot.

Perhaps hiking on a week day at this location would have been a better choice. ♦