One of us is named David and the other is Raquel. I’ll let you internet sleuths take it from there. We’re married, currently living in Southern California, young professionals with careers, and no kids (as of yet). We believe life is a collection of memories and we’re trying to make as many¬†as we can. We love exploring, finding secluded places, hiking, meeting new people, trying new food, immersing in new cultures, and signing ourselves up for thrilling¬†adventures. We’ve created this blog to document our travels so we can relfect on them later.

Our style of travel is perhaps a bit more rugged than your average tourist. You may catch us in a hostel, campsite or just sleeping in our car. Ocassionally we seek out an Airbnb for an opportunity to live with the locals or for a hot shower. Meet the crew:

He’s a lover, not a fighter. Just don’t piss him off because he’s also a fighter. With his background mainly in tech, he can also be seen scuba diving, mountain climbing, scotch drinking, overlanding, backpacking, hackey sacking, insect collecting, cat walking and just walking in general.

She grew up in Southern California, loves the outdoors, and works as a registered nurse. Raquel enjoys jogging, hiking, spending time with family, and relaxing at the beach. On a trip you will most likely find her in the water or looking for wildlife. She is the trip planning one of the group.

He’s one year old, a rescue pup, and has been living with David and Raquel since he was a few months old. His hobbies include counter surfing, rough housing with other dogs, and barking at the mailman. He’s an energetic little guy who’s always ready for any adventure, but he’s also the best snuggler. He’s the cutest one in the group.